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Don't bring a cloud to rain on my parade

20 May 1985
This is me
My name s Fran .I'm twenty-something,college student,soon to be a teacher.I'm super romantic,daydreamer.I have two brothers,two adorable nephews and one little niece.I'm currently writing a book which I haven't finish yet because I'm damn too lazy.I love watching TV,reading, dancing and singing.My current residence is Chile aka South America.

This are my fandoms
Jane/Lisbon,Tony/Pepper,Damon/Elena,Harry/Hermione,,Ron/Luna,Ginny/Draco,Remus/Tonks,Ally McBeal/Larry Paul, Puck/Rachel, Will/Emma, Ray/Neela, Billy/Little Voice, Mulder/Scully, Dean/Jo,Arthur/Morgana, Lancelot/Gwen.

I am the_fucking Teresa Lisbon of livejournal!"
Patrick Jane is MY husband at fairytale_wed
Patrick Jane is MY soulmate @ soulmate_claims
Patrick Jane is my hero @ claim_a_hero

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"Wars come and go but my soldiers are eternal" - 2pac

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